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Directions to Allnutts Road

Map here. For those with satnav, then the postcode is CM16 7BD

By car:

Epping is basically on the road (the B1393) between junction 26 of the M25 (to the South-West) and junction 7 of the M11 (to the North-East). In each case Epping is sign-posted on the roundabout after you come off at the junction, but it's not sign-posted on the motroway exits themselves. So pay careful attention to the junction numbers above.

Drive along the High Street and then if you come from the South West, then just after Tesco, you'll see a mini roundabout with a road on the right signposted to the station

  • if you come from the North East, then just after the church you'll see a mini roundabout with a road on the left signposted to the station
  • Turn down that road (Station Road) and follow it down the hill (ignore the station and carry on down as it becomes Bower Hill). Just before the bottom of the hill (the real bottom, not the flat bit half-way down), Allnutts Road can be found hiding unobtrusively on the right (opposite a boat mouldering in someone's drive). Parking's unrestricted, but as a result you may need to go a bit out of your way to find a space.

    By train:

    Go to Epping station (far North East on the Central Line, about an hour from central London). leave the station and turn right. Walk up the road for a minute or so and cross the footbridge on the right (there are two footbridges right next to each other, one inside the station to get between the two platforms, and another slightly wider and significantly less pretty one which goes over the station, you want the latter). Wander down the road (Hillcrest Way) you find on the other side of the bridge and turn right at the end (onto Bower Hill). Walk down the hill and near the bottom (the real bottom, not the flat bit half-way down) Allnutts Road is on your right. It's about a 10-15 minute walk.